Thursday, August 28, 2014

Columbus, Indiana Ya'll

We visited Columbus, Indiana this weekend for ArtFest. It was so great to see this place in the daylight!
We've visited Columbus on many occasions, usually at night on our way back from Bloomington, Nashville, or Indy. It's a great place to stop, and eat at one of the al fresco restaurants. One of our favorites has been the Columbus Bar, for late night treats and delicious brews. It's set in a building from 1890, and features a horseshoe bar, resembling a trolley, built in 1941. This bar carries a lot of history, and includes outdoor seating.

On this occasion, we spent two days running our booth at the Columbus ArtFest. It gave us an opportunity to take turns visiting the downtown. My absolute favorite was visiting The Commons. The name says it all, a common meeting space in downtown. It includes a kinetic sculpture titled, Chaos, situated in the center of a bi-level meeting area.
This photo only shows the top half of the piece. The second floor, (sorry no pics), has a staged meeting area, where, they apparently hold some kind of church service on Sunday, and is available to rent. But this is only half of The Commons. It also includes any child's envy of an indoor playground.
Also found in this common space is a Subway Deli, near the indoor playground, and a sit-down restaurant. On the outside of The Commons are an Italian, and Irish restaurants, both with al fresco seating.

We were given information about Columbus in our show packet. According to their city promo brochure, Columbus is ranked 6th in architectural design, by a poll of members of the American Institute of Architects; sandwiched between Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis. Crazy Huh? I have no idea if this is legit, but I will attest the architecture was interesting, but don't expect skyscrapers, expect more artsy, experimental -and amazing for the small size of the city.

Finally, I need mention Zaharakos, an ice cream parlor and museum. It claims to have been serving sodas, sundaes, and smiles for over a century. I'm pretty sure they offer more than sweet treats on the menu, but we never had the time to sample their wares. (For you old-school Louisvillians, it's everything Ferrall's wanted to be.)