Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Scarves relate to my Sculptural Woven Work

The scarves relating to my sculptural woven vessels and installations...
are now available at Craft(s) Gallery in Louisville, KY.

To create the scarves, I start with striping down yards of cotton muslin. Then dye them with coffee and fiber acrylic wash and dry them in the sun. I then rewash the strips to make sure the dye is set and there will be no shrinkage.

I give the strips a light pressing with the iron.
I make sure I have plenty of thread color choices.
Then I stitch the strips together, one at a time.
And in the end, the whole process creates a scarf with a unique raw quality. Super Fun to wear! Great Fashion Statement -wear art!
All scarves are slightly different in length, color choice of thread, and color choice of dyed strips combination. Sorry I'm not taking custom orders on these unless it is in bulk. Contact Crafts Gallery if your interested:
Craft(s) Gallery 572 South Fourth Street
Louisville, Kentucky  40202
502.584.7636 (SOFO)

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