Friday, January 22, 2010

Equally Yours 2009

These are three billboard designs I submitted to the Equally Yours Show. Ultimately they chose this one.

Compositions in Symmetry 2008

Costumes.Vessels.Dolls:Works from 2005-2008 Mary Anderson Center Artist Colony Show

I can't say enough about the Mary Anderson Center Artist Colony and what is has meant to me over the years. Unfortunately, as I write this it is no longer what it was. It was given back to the Friars last year and now you can stay there as a part of a retreat. Such a shame. When I first went up to MAC I was maybe 20? I worked as a printmaking assistant to Matt Meers for Salmugundi Sunday. A time when families could come out to the Mount to explore art. Years later I ended up staying there myself as an artist on many occasion. How stupid our local community has been not to recognize how significant it was to have an artist colony so close. Most are located on the east or west coast with many 'rules' about how much you have to produce while your there. The Mary Anderson Center Artist Colony was truely a space to reconnect, think, dream, design, sort out, etc. It was my honor and pleasure to be one of the last to stay and show there. It was also at my last stay at MAC that I met Todd, the tree climber. Check out his work by clicking on his name.

RoarShock at Swanson Reed Gallery, 2007

This was piece I did in reaction to poetry by Adam Day. He had put a show together at Swanson Reed Gallery titled RoarShock. In this group show Adam had invited a group of artists to select and respond to one of his poems. Fun. After a few emails and I had begun work on the piece, he graciously came out to my studio at my request. I didn't know what or even Who else was in the show, but I wanted to know if we were "on the same page" so to speak.

Z2O Zephyr's 20th, 2007

This is the piece I acutually used for the show. An outdoor sculpture titled:Butter, Bubble, Dum-dum after the materials used to weave it, butter paper wrapper, bubble gum wrapper, and Dum-Dum sucker wrappers. It is approximately 7 and half feet tall and hung outside Zephyr for probably a year.

Portrait I submitted for the catalogue.
This is the piece I submitted to the catalogue, but not the piece for the show.

2006 Costume and Vessels show at Zephyr

2006 Saturate Show Performance with Chris Doerflinger

The concept was Chris' idea. She invited me to perform with her. I was thrilled. I had admired her work for a long time and finally had the opportunity. Chris titled the piece: Creation Myth and in this 1hr and 45min performance she had layed out a parachute painted like the world by Claudia Hammer. In the middle was a block of ice representing the polar ice cap. The ice was melting to water. She was a Snake Goddess who anoted me into the space and I was water turning ino ice. One of the most powerful performances I've done.