Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beyond the Limelight at 953 S. Clay, 2001

This was my first big performance. I had designed and constructed the costumes, written the words with my then husband Eric Schmidt, planned the script, constructed the sculptures, and designed the layout of the show. It was crazy! I got my artist friends to model my pieces in the show. They were fabulous in their acting with little direction. The volunteer artist models were: Sharon Weis, Laurey Blayney, Ardis Moonlight, Mike Ratterman, and an artist friend's daughter named Thea. James Barber was emcee and Monkey Boy provided the bizarre background music.

Two articles were written about the show: Artistic Fashion Show to Explore Our Culture by Amy Drozt for the September 16, 2001 edition of the Arts Section of the Courier-Journal and Notes from the Underground written by Paul Kopaz for the September 18, 2001 edition of the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO).

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