Monday, March 22, 2010

Love Show at Rudyard Kipling, 2006

We had two promo posters for this event and I have to thank ADI Studio, Scott Henderson, for the photograpy.

This is me giving the "5 minute warning" before the show. Back stage anywhere the last few minutes before the show feels chaotic to me, fortunately I work with a great group of artists who "never let me see them sweat" -well, except on stage.
Joee Conroy of Ut Gret.

Greg Acker, of Ut Gret, in the background.
Love Goddess arrives to invite her artist friends to define love.
Kelly McCarthy in her piece, Universal Sustaining Love.

Stephanie Clark in her piece, Pink Poofy Love.

Mary as the Love Devil.

Ruth Bennet wearing her piece, Thea.

Terry Wunderlich wearing, Max and Jane define love.

Holly Morgan in her piece, Maternal Love.

Terry Wunderlich in her piece, Failed Domesticity.

Ruth Bennet wearing the second piece she created for the show.

Kelly McCarthy

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