Friday, September 3, 2010

Recent Interview by Elizabeth Kramer for The Courier-Jounal

The First Time Sculptor Michelle Amos' first dip in the Ohio
August 8, 2010

I do remember swimming in the Ohio when I was a kid. I went with my mother and one of her friends on a boat and we jumped in. It had a different smell to it than a swimming pool — and definitely I remember that when it was hot. It also had muddy banks and debris, because you have a lot of trees and such that make debris, but you also have garbage that kind of floats and gets caught up on the banks. But when you're a kid you don't care because you're having fun.

Trips — and moving — to the West Coast emphasized how different it is. I'd come back here and the Ohio just seemed like another world.
My grandmother grew up in the Parkland neighborhood when there was the 1937 flood. She would talk about it all the time and that probably had a lot to do with my interest in the Ohio. And I remember the year I was pregnant with my son, 1997, and the Ohio flooded.
Michelle Amos recently completed a residency with the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, 715 W. Main St., where she completed a fiber-based sculptural installation called “Ohio River Rising on a Tree Line.” The installation will be on display in her studio at KMAC through Friday. Amos also will exhibit the work next spring at Zephyr Gallery, 610 E. Market St

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