Thursday, February 21, 2013

Legacy Project for Kerrick Elementary, Fall 2012

I was asked to collaborate with the Art Teacher, and her four 4th Grade classes, at Kerrick Elementary in Louisville, Ky. The teacher was interested in my proposal to construct four quilts in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the aquisition of thier wooded area next to the school. Each quilt was to represent a season. I first met with the teacher and a representative from The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, acting adminstrators of the project, in late summer of 2012.
 In fall of 2012 I conducted a series of four classes. On my initial visit we looked at a picture book together, The Leaf Man, where in the book various leaves are used to create woodland creatures. We then went out into the wooded area and collected leaves for relief printing on fabric, to create our own leaf creatures. In conjunction with this project the school held a Family Literacy night, where parents also previewed the book, The Leaf Man, collected their own leaves and relief printed them on fabric with their children. The last two sessions during my stay at the school included teaching the students how to embroidery on their printed quilt squares. 

At the conclusion of my stay at the school, I took all of the quilt squares home, both the students and their parents, and used them to create four legacy quilts for the school. The following pictures are the result of this project.

Working with a student.
Detail of Winter Quilt
Winter Quilt

Detail of Spring Quilt

Spring Quilt
Detail of Summer Quilt

Summer Quilt
Detail of Fall Quilt

Fall Quilt

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  1. So beautiful and creative, a wonderful project!
    Love, Piper