Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Animal Embroidery Schaffner Elementary

In January I was brought into Schaffner Traditional Elementary, on a VSA Arts KY inclusion grant, by art teacher and all around creative person Carolyn Brayden. I was to work with four 3rd grade classes on Peruvian inspired embroidery. Previous to my coming to the school, Brayden had introduced Peruvian embroidery and the history to her students. She then guided them toward selecting an animal to do a colorful embroidery on burlap.

In my first visit I showed some of my work and discussed life as a professional working artist. This was part of Braden's plan, so the students could make connections between what they are learning now and how those skills can be used as a professional. We then practiced threading a needle, how to knot the yarn, and how to do a running stitch. In the following visits students drew their animals on burlap, outlined them with a running stitch, and later filled them in with either a seed stitch or satin stitch. The following images are some of the beautiful work the 3rd grade students did. I would love to do this project with my children at home and turn it into a wall hanging.

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  1. These are impressive. Especially liked the one with the yellow background kitty.